Mining Capital

Lee Capital Advisors provides joint venture partners and financing options for the mining industry. For near production mines with gold, coal, iron ore and copper reserves, our financing solution includes facilitating access to a China based $5bn private equity fund. We also help identify offtake partners for bulk commodity

Lee Capital Advisors is also an authorised member of the US based Entrex market, which has strong appetite for  mid-tier mining companies with cashflow

Castlepines – Something for Nothing. The No Capital Outlay Option

Lee Capital Advisors is also the Australian representative of Castlepines, a UK leveraged buyout fund funded by European pension funds that invests in infrastructure, property and mining.

Castlepines will pay for 100% of the project but enable project sponsors to retain 50% of the project. Project sponsors benefit from not having to spend a signle dime to earn their equity share.

Click on the link for a copy of the Castlepines brochure

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