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Commercial Term Loans

Not all transactions are perfect.

When you can’t tick all the boxes to qualify for bank funding, you may need to look towards the private debt market for answers. Our team of property advisors has advised, commercial real estate investors and developers with property-debt solutions since 2016. We listen intently to issues and needs so that we can tailor a financial solution for you

We have experience advising and funding residential, office, student accommodation, hotels and industrial property.

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Funding Solutions

Commercial Term Loans

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We can offer higher LVRs because our global institution funding requires lower ICRs, more flexible WALEs and loan terms for up to 10 years.

Construction Funding

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Our competitive funding solutions include NO LINE FEE funding for $10m loans or access Pension Funds and Global Financial institutions for $100m transactions

Equity Funding

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When you need an equity partner to fill the gap to get the project off the ground, We can find the right preferred equity or jv partner for you

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Our Services

We have an extensive list of property funds eager to fund transactions ranging from $5m-$200m. We can offer

  • Construction Loan
  • Land Funding
  • Residual stock loan
  • Commercial term loans
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Preferred Equity
  • Financial Modelling
  • Deal Structuring

Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say about our work

Philip’s credit submission is one of the highest-standard presentations I have ever seen. His dissection of the numbers enables us to see the real cashflow position of the project

Property debt fund

Philip was able to provide a term sheet to refinance a project that no other lender was willing to fund because of a predicted shortfall in equity


Our bank loan was maxed out because of costs blowout. But Philip was able to refinance the loan with a private lender to complete the project. An amazing feat because refinancing an incomplete project is considered taboo



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