About Us

Innovative Equity provides property development finance solutions for projects located on the East Coast of Australia. We provide flexible financial solutions at a reasonable costs. Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t be extorting all the profits from a project. Instead we aim to be your partner by providing a refreshing attitude to how borrowers view non bank lenders.

We are backed by Asian funds with deep pockets and thus have no trouble in raising A$200m for a project if required.

Philip Lee – Advisor

PHILIP LEE’s has broad experience as an analyst in the Asian equity and equity-linked markets. His experience includes company valuations for IPOs and doing research on a broad cross section of industries from Telecoms, technology, property and banks.  He is also skilled at analysing and structuring of equity-linked instruments and mezzanine finance structures.

Philip has a Master of Business (Banking & Finance) from the University of Technology, Sydney

All Enquiries should be directed to Philip at +61431 918498


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